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Carnicas Pozas was born with the objective of taking care of the feeding of our pigs in the Dehesa Extremeña with grass and acorns, protecting the ham from its birth.

Our pigs are raised in Baños de Montemayor in our own farm and topped with cereals, grass and acorns from the Dehesas de Extremadura. We are under the Iberian Quality Standard and we have a strict traceability follow-up on all our products.

The result is reflected in the products we make by hand, obtaining an unparalleled flavor and aroma. So our hams, chorizos, morcones, loins and shoulders, provoke the deliriums of the best palate.


Our hams from the best pigs raised in the Extremadura pasture spend 24 to 36 months in our natural dryers with a temperature and humidity perfect for healing.

Our sausages are made with paprika from the vera and aromatic spices. The natural casing is the authentic creator of the great flavor of the natural sausage for its great qualities in the healing of these. And it makes it easily maintainable for long periods of time.

Each product has its elaboration and healing method different from the others. Just as each one is made with different parts of the pig, different spices are also used and cured in different environments.

En el proceso de curación artesanal, la temperatura, la humedad y el tiempo empleado son los factores más importantes. Con el equilibrio de estos tres elementos conseguimos el cuerpo, el aroma y el sabor de estos productos.


El Tourism Quality Commitment is a distinction awarded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain, whose purpose is to ensure the internal management of tourism companies and tourism-related services centers, establish controls on processes that guarantee customer satisfaction and guarantee the security and comfort of the facilities.
ARAPORCEI Certification Institute is an entity that certifies management systems (quality, environment, safety and health at work, information security and food safety) accredited by ENAC.
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